Fog, Bubble, Snow and Spark Machines

Effect Machines

A list of our Fog, Haze, Bubble and Foam Machines - Fog and Haze are used well with our lighting effects to create awesome 3D effects. All machines include a suitable amount of fluid to last a good amount of use for any party/event. Fluid is non toxic, warning fog products may trigger smoke detectors.

Snow, fog and bubble fluid

$15 a litre
Or 5 litres for $55.

$40 – Medium Fog Machine Hire / Rental – Includes 1 Litre fluid

Compact fog/smoke machine with good fog production for smaller parties/events.
This small but reliable unit works great smaller parties that you’re not hiring a lot of lights for, we wouldn’t recommend using this is in a large outdoor areas as the fog will disperse too fast.

These work great with lasers, led effects, disco lights and even strobe lights as the fog will make the lights create a 3D effect which amazes everyone!
A great feature to add to any halloween themed party as well.

Wired + Wireless remote $10 extra hire

Recommended area uses;
Halls, rooms, garages and even marquees.

$55 – Large Fog Machine Hire / Rental – Includes 1 Litre fluid

The Hurricane Foggers provide the quality, performance and innovation for which CHAUVET ® is known.
All come with generous-capacity tanks and quick heat up of water-based fog to fill a venue within minutes.
This is a large fogger, it will happily do any party but does use a decent amount of fluid.

EXTRA hire: $10 Timer remote control that can be set to go off whenever you set the timer or whenever you press the manual button.

These work great with lasers, led effects, disco lights and even strobe lights as the fog will make the lights create a 3D effect which amazes everyone!
A great feature to add to any halloween themed party as well.

Recommended area uses;
Halls, rooms, garages, out doors, large rooms and even marquees.

Output: 20,000cfm
3.3L tank capacity
5 minute heat up
Manual fog button
Low fluid indicator and auto shut down
LED-illuminated tank
Wired timer remote included
Water-based fogger

$65 – Haze Machine Hire / Rental – Includes 1 Litre fluid

Water-based haze machine creates a subtle atmosphere to enhance light shows
High output fills large rooms quickly and emits a continuous output
Silent running fan, perfect for applications where sound is an issue
Included wired, timer remote (HC-T) complete with storage compartment
Low-fluid indicator automatically shuts off the machine when the tank is empty
Built-in digital display quickly and easily sets DMX functions, and haze and fan stand-alone settings
Heat-up Time: 4 min
Output: 1,700 cfm

Best use is for stage events, or places where you don’t want thick fog shooting out but thin long lasting haze.
Works great with all of our lighting effects and has a large tank.

$50 – Pro Bubble Machine Hire / Rental – Includes 1 Litre fluid

Lightweight, portable bubble machine designed for larger areas in mind but huge functionality in small areas also!
A brilliant addition to any party, just plug it in and set to auto or control it manually with the provided remote control.
This unit can use any bubble fluid you’d normally be able to use in any bubble machine or wand, so if you prefer to use your own.
Huge amount of uses from 21sts, childrens parties, sweet 16ths, Weddings and so so so many more uses!

We have two options for fluid;
*Normal Bubble fluid.
*Fluid that glows in Black/Ultra Violet light.

The unit comes with 500ml of Fluid on Hire and uses roughly 108ml per hour (According to the manufacturer specifications) so that’s just under 5 hours of continuous use.

Extra fluid can be purchased at $15 a litre.

$50 – Snow Machine Hire / Rental – Includes 1litre of fluid

This high-performance snow machine creates a winter nature during any party. The artificial snowflakes whirl meters away and provide a nice atmosphere and an extra dimension in e.g. an après-ski atmosphere. Supplied with remote control .

Large snowflakes production
Constant use creates a foam layer that gradually dissolves and leaves practically no residue.
Remote control with 3m cable
Power 600-1200W
Snow volume per minute 5m3

Unit includes 1litres of fluid that should be mixed with 3litres of water to enhance the amount of snow the machine will produce.
These machines are very thirsty and we recommend purchasing additional fluid if you’re wanting to continuously use it.
We also recommend using it in short bursts to save on fluid consumption.

$160 – Cold Spark firework machine Hire / Rental

Cold sparks – safe to touch, non flame, non flammable, very minimal smoke/dust.

Has 3 remote control settings 1-2m high, 2-3m high and 3-5m high.

This is an amazing machine, and can work wonders for wedding photography / night weddings creating a vibrant scene if used as the bride and groom walk out between a row of 2+ machines.

Hire includes enough powder for 30 minutes total use, machines can operate MAX 30 seconds at one time before a 10 second cool down to prevent overheating.

Please call us for more information.

$800 – FOAM CANNON Hire / Rental – Includes liquid

For hire details, specs and other information please email us at