Strobe Lights

Coloured Strobes

Not as bright, but definitely more colourful and versatile

$30 Hire – Coloured Strobe

A coloured strobe that can make hundreds of different shades and colours, has sound activated modes, static coloured modes for themes, coloured strobe, slow-fast fade and an option where we include a remote control so you can pick at your leisure.
Incredibly bright, a must have for your party.

$50 Hire – RGBWA-UV (Wash/Uplight/Strobe)

Large RGBWA-UV Wash light with many different modes and settings.
3 Main uses;
*Strobe lighting, thousands of different colour options, 100 different speeds, sound active modes.
*Wash lighting, perfect to light up decorations, dancefloors and outdoor areas. (Has colour fading and static colours for theming)
*Up lighting, light up walls, curtains, collumns and other various features, GREAT FOR WEDDINGS!


2xLights $90
4xLights $160
8xLights $300

Colour mixing chart for programming custom colours;

Strobe Lights

Strobe lights are a fast flashing bright light that creates a slow motion effect, one of the most common lights used for parties.

$30 Hire – Chauvet Techno Strobe

LED panel delivers a bright, white strobe effect, can also be used in a static mode as flood light for outdoor events or places with limited lighting.
Increase design options with blackout, static, dimmer and strobe effects. Easily adjust flash rate, dimmer and static effects in stand-alone mode. Eye-catching automated programs, sound-activated programs dance to the beat of the music or operate via master/slave or DMX mode.

$45 Hire – 3000watt Strobe

A lot less functions than it's smaller LED strobe brothers, but with what it lacks in settings it makes up for in POWER!
This beast is 3000watts of power, it's such an immense light we wouldn't recommend looking into it.
It has has a stand alone mode where it flashes but a dial can be turned to speed it up and increase the intensiveness.
With your hire you'll also receive a push button remote control for it so it can be controlled easily whenever you need it to start flashing.