UV/Black Lights

Black Light / UV Lights

UV lights emit an Ultraviolet light that looks purple but makes all white and fluorescent colours glow.

$20 Purchase – UV Bulb

If you're going to have the lights off for a party, why not replace them with some funky UV bulbs and at $20 to buy each, who could resist??
These bulbs turn any party into a bunch of fun by making any white, fluro or colourful clothing/objects glow in the dark.
Great for parties where you don't want something too over the top or if you have a Halloween or Disco themed party.

$30 Hire – UV Shadow

One of our most popular lights for hire, why?
Not only is it easy to use, it's a great hire price, light weight, easy to hang and they cover a 20x20foot area which is great!
These also have a few other cool modes, they can be set to static where the light will stay the same, strobe or a sound active mode that flashes to the sound of music.


2x Shadows for $60 (Includes a stand $50 without)

$50 Hire – UV CANNON

The bad boy of the UV world, super bright, great throw and light weight.
Pairs great with a low lit area, and/or laser lighting.

Two of these can easily cover a hall given the right height and throw.


2xUV Cannons and a Stand $100 ($90 without stand)