Laser Hire

Laser Light Hire

All lasers work best with a fog machine to achieve that 3D effect. Lasers work best for raves, parties and events that don't need a lot of light.
Please see our bundle section for cool fog + laser combos!

$50 Hire – Eclipse Night club Laser “Rainbow Laser”

Ave Eclipse 1w High Powered rainbow laser.
Full control with sound active and auto modes containing hundreds of different patterns and colour combinations.
Options to set the laser to single colours, full rainbow colours, or groups of 3 selected colours. Great if you have specific theming in mind.
Laser is plug in and play, works best with UV lights or fog machines.

DMX and ILDA compatible.

$50 Hire – Chauvet Swarm 5FX (3-in-one Srobe+Laser+LED EFFECT)

Accurately named the swarm for a good reason, while dancing under this light you're attacked by hundreds of different colours and patterns from the led effect, the green+red laser and the bright white strobe light!
This is an awesome centerpiece light for a party and a bit like a modern day mirror ball because it projects thousands of coloured dots around the room.
It has the ability to disable the laser/strobe/led effect if you're not a fan of one of them and has various speed settings.